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New Year, new start!

new year new start

So, the dating last year didn’t exactly go that brilliantly! From a blog material view, it was rather excellent, from finding Mr Darcy – well let’s just say Elizabeth Bennett got through a lot of TV box sets!

So, friend said if you want to do it properly think you should go onto the paid sites so that was my Christmas present to myself and have to admit it’s kind of interesting.  My old profile on the free site said something like ‘a few dates before you wonder what colour my bra is’ to put off the chancers and wankers, not so much needed this time round.  Not had one ‘hi hun’ or ‘bae’ – frankly, it’s a little unnerving! Ahh, the one that has already been discounted was the bloke that messaged me, seemed decent so we had a phone conversation and he let slip that his dead wife’s name is the same as mine – that’s just too creepy so we agreed best not to pursue and think that’s wise somehow.  Especially as that’s all he seemed to talk about which again worried me slightly that was he ready to be dating, and certainly not me with the same name.

Last year’s contenders consisted of an alcoholic, a married, a workaholic and a few downright creepy wotsits that clearly only wanted to play bedroom chat so no surprises they didn’t make it past a short conversation before being blocked and becoming the twitter winner of the day! I don’t start assuming that they’re telling fibs, but once I smell a rat it’s sort of game over really.  Maybe a simple explanation, maybe I’m being unfair but for the most part no I wasn’t – there really was an underlying untruth.  That’s the only snag with pleasant conversations on this site, I no longer get the twitter winner of the day.  It’s slightly worrying what goes through their heads that they think it’s ok, do they get their bits out on the bus thinking we’re all delighted to see it?? And I did notice the timing thing again, those that can message freely in the daytime but not in the evenings or weekends – hmm double life there matey, so off you pop back to your real one there’s a good chap!

So, the plan this year is to try and actually go on some proper dates and who knows maybe Elizabeth will go to the ball after all? Contenders so far have seemed quite genuine, polite and they can spell!!! Sounds really petty of me, but it does put me off when they can’t string a sentence together or horrific spelling errors.  I get the crazy predictive text errors, done enough of those myself over the years but you have the chance to check profiles so please do so.  Actually, don’t as it allows me to discount you early so yes, carry on making errors, please. Have noticed a better quality of picture too, not seen one sharpied out head of a female, or a fish, or a motorbike – so that’s progress too.

Have fun out there, will keep you updated

Quirky x




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