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You’re keeping this, why???


I apologise wholeheartedly to friends and family! This tidying lark gets under your skin and once you get your head around it you don’t seem to stop!

As a friend summarised:

  1. Go big or go home
  2. Reflect
  3. Sweep through again
  4. Get rid of the nigglers
  5. Feel smug 🙂
  6. Repeat

And it really is that constant appraisal, that constantly asking yourself do I really need this? That self-critique of how did I acquire 7 ice scrapers, 4 tubes of decorators caulk and yet somehow feel the need to purchase more (you know who you are!!!). I have noticed a massive head shift in how I live in my space, how I feel about my space and also how I value it.  It’ll never be a show home, cats owning a home will never allow for that, but it does feel like a happy little home again.  One where there aren’t piles of odd project ‘that will come in useful’ stuff.

Key deadly phrases to watch out for, if you hear yourself saying them then you may be in danger of being a closet hoarder and may need the skip of salvation to rescue you.

That may come in useful – ok the keyword here is MAY, and just how long have you hung onto said item just in case??? If it’s more than a month I can almost categorically tell you it won’t come in useful, you would have used it by now if that were the case so SKIP!!

It’s on my reading list –  really?? You had the time to make a list of things you’ll read but rather than read the book you made a list?? Skip of delusion again my friend.

It matches something I can’t remember where it is – this is my personal favorite reasoning of mine, chances are the one it matches is hiding somewhere, damaged or I’ve already thrown it out! Plus if I can’t remember where it is I clearly don’t use it. Unless it is antique, or so hard to replace it belongs in the skip of salvation.

I’ll make something out of that – again, one of my personal frailties! Like what exactly are you going to make with it??? And just how much else random rubbish will you accumulate before getting round to it?? And just how long have you been planning said project?? If the answer to any of these causes a giggle then off to the skip of salvation.

I love how inventive our self reasoning is for keeping things! Was helping a friend do her garage and it was an utter hoot finding at least 5 half opened tubes of decorating materials (I did have them too, my smugness came from having already done my tip run).

The other thing is organise stuff! Till earlier I called my kitchen cupboards the cupboards of doom, there were several duplicates, several packets of half-used things and many more things that I had clearly purchased on a whim yet gone nahh and shoved to the back of the cupboard.  I have cats yes, but they do not need 5 bowls each! By going through things I was able to discover exactly what I did have, what I needed to replace and what I clearly had a zombie apocalypse survival quantity of.

It is hard that first deep breath of right, I need to tackle this.  Even recognising that it needs tackling is a bit daunting.  The amount you clear out questions how you fitted in the house and did my friends think me an utter slob yet didn’t want to say anything?? We have found a badge maker and suspect there will be many silly badges made such as ‘I used to be a hoarder’ and we do like the Skip of Salvation for recovering hoarders.

Yes I’m making light of it, but honestly, you feel so much better for living without the chaos around you, it starts to clear your head and you feel calmer in your own skin and space.  However, telling me I own too many cats and need to declutter won’t be happening soon – and anyway you have 6 bikes so nyahh!!!

Quirky x


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