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The Magic of Tidying – part 2

tidying up

This tidying lark has definitely changed things for the better! I cannot believe the amount of clutter I must have lived with previously.  I totally get her thing of ‘tidy once and tidy well’ now except I’ve renamed it to ‘go big or go home’. Here’s the scenario – you spend a good few hours tidying round but are you really?? Or, as most of us do, just moving things from one space to another without actually considering the item’s value to your life.  I don’t mean material or financial but is it something you use? Is it even something you want to keep or do you just feel you should keep it because your Mum got it you for Christmas? I had a whole box of those items, lovely gifts of toiletries but the reality none were the brands I use so they would often sit there for years with me vaguely thinking ‘I’ll give them to someone as a birthday present, nothing wrong with them just I won’t use them’.  So why on earth do I allow things that I have already earmarked as of no value to me to then take up valuable space gathering dust?? It’s total madness, but we feel somehow obliged to keep them.  Why?? The person that gave them you will never know, you aren’t going to hurt their feelings by not keeping them? You just weigh yourself down with more useless items blocking the way for things you do want or use.

This is the other oddity I genuinely wasn’t expecting.  This idea of tidy once and tidy well – wow it works!!! Came down this morning and for the first time in ages I thought ‘wow this place is actually staying tidy’. There were no piles of books, empty cups or the usual stuff that you used to find around here.  Also, any item now out of place is immediately very visible and either is being used or put back where it belongs.  Clothes are not just thrown on the blanket box but all either hung up, folded away or put in the washing basket.  There are still tons of books, craft materials, cat stuff and other things I genuinely use in my house but everything left is useful or something that makes me smile. I’ve always used the phrase does it make you smile rather than does it bring you joy when choosing to keep or throw something.

I thought I had done clearances before but never really done the go big or go home attitude and really taken it seriously.  Plus I always equated it with minimalist which it totally isn’t.  To someone who loves reading, you will look like a small bookstore, a painter will have canvasses they are working on whereas a fitness fan will have bikes and trainers.  We are each different and my space now clearly reflects who I am and where my interests lie.  I can easily find that reference book I need because there are no longer books I’ve either read or never will for whatever reason.  That was one thing that felt like sacrilege initially to throw away books but once I got over the first gulp of yep you’re really going to get rid of books it made total sense and now my bookshelves are far more productive for me.

Also, I sense there is another clearance sweep to come – as you really start to assess how you live and what you need to do that you start to see the items that are no longer useful to you.  I get a writers book every year so why keep the previous ones?? Things like that, you start to realise the stupidity of your self reasoning to keep things and we almost use it as some sort of security blanket, in this case less is definitely more!

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One thought on “The Magic of Tidying – part 2

  1. I started this process a year’s like an layer at a time..and with each layer removed, you ask better questions and demand better answers as to why you own what you own and whether or not you should keep things.

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