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So a while ago I heard some sad news, I was sort of expecting it but it was still really sad and truthfully not fully taken it all in yet.  However, that’s almost immaterial because what I found odd was people’s reactions to this news.   We are almost overloaded with fake news, false stories and people being able to embellish their stories on the internet that we are almost numb to the truth anymore.  I accept that a healthy regard for scepticism is necessary and that not everyone tells the whole truth all the time, especially on dating sites.  However, when did we become so doubting that we disbelieve everything until we have proof.  What if we can’t get proof? What if we have to accept what someone tells us on good faith alone? That then begs the question of how much do we actually trust other people?  All questions that I don’t know the answers to, and it’s made me a little sad that I have to go down this line of thought.

However the flip side is the outright fantasists and deciding between real or fantasy becomes an increasingly tricky game on dating sites.  I’m often told I’m too trusting and give people the benefit of the doubt too easily and that I want to believe them without hard evidence.  But that’s the thing if you ask for hard evidence all the time do you allow any room for that slow evolvement of conversations where you get to know someone?  I often say to those I’ve chatted to you’ll tell me stuff when you want to and when you feel comfortable doing so.  But, this allowance for belief does leave me sort of wide open for the fantasists, is there some sort of red beacon above my head that says ‘ooh she’ll fall for it’!!

So my top favourite fantasists so far:

I work for the UN but it’s top secret so can’t discuss it  – err yeah you’ve just told me in a first message so not sure your regard for the official secrets act is actually that high.  One was rather funny as having studied politics decided to take it for a spin and asked really awkward questions, got through a whole bowl of popcorn laughing at that one!

Military – why are so many ex military with apparently vague jobs that required special clearances in secret locations that left them unable to have social media accounts in case people find them?? Really, you were in uniform for 3 years and did all you claim?? Hmm even my cat has sneezed at that one, oops we’re back to the snapchat filters through boredom!

Illnesses – this intrigues me greatly, I have friends who have had operations, long term conditions etc etc and been to hospital appointments at times with them and oddly they can all tell me their details.  These lot always seem to have some vague illness that only 1 in 300 people in the world get, and there’s no real information on it, we’re back to cat filters!!

PHD and other high academic level – this apparently is the new form of ‘want to see my etchings’ it goes something like ‘I’m doing doctoral research and would value your input’ but …… and this is the cruncher apparently someone else is doing similar research and we can only meet at his house to ensure confidentiality!! The wine got spat out giggling at that one, but points for trying pal!

I like the photos too, friend showed me how to reverse search images to check if they’re a stock image or not.  When I reverse searched the UN bloke 4 other accounts came up on a google search with each of the above fantasies so fair play on the effort he put into that!

These are the ones I’ve come across, but feel free to tell me others!

Quirky x



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